Those who have chosen Alfa Pro

There is no reference that is more sincere than a customer. Many professionals have chosen and continue to choose Alfa Pro and we reserve for each of them the same care and attention, because we have decided to offer the best solutions and all of our professionalism.

  • Ikos Resorts chosen the Alfa Pro oven Quick for its kitchens. Ikos Resorts – Gerakini – Grecia

    Ikos Olivia
    Ikos Olivia
  •   “The oven is working very good, beside make a pizza and calzone. I can make Panuozzo, I can baked Fish, I can used the oven as much as I can explore. Any way your oven pizza it’s very nice and also easy to clean it.” Plaza Indonesia 1st Floor M.H. No. 28-30, Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10350, Indonesia. La moda cafè chosen gas oven Quick.

    La moda cafè
    La moda cafè
  • A web site dedicated to those who like to always have hands their hands in the pasta, it is a meeting point for lovers of bread, pizza and all leavened products for baking, so as to, share experiences and provide guidance to improve one’s skills.

    Profumi dal Forno
    Profumi dal Forno Blogger

Some of our installed ovens

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