The Compact Flame line of ovens ensures maximum production capacity at your restaurant and allows you to have a real-flame pizza oven even in the smallest spaces and guaranteeing great performance at the same time. The Compact Flame technology allows the oven to reach 450°C (840°F) in 30 minutes and to cook genuine Neapolitan pizza in just one minute thanks basically to the manual flame control system that adjusts temp and radiation.

Qubo is a lightweight and compact oven, absolutely terrific for chefs who work in small spaces and don’t need external flues. Piazza is the only professional gas-fired oven that is made to last in all weather conditions thanks to its 7-layer powder coating and allows full use in outdoor spaces such as terraces, patios, gardens and catering events too.

Simple and versatile, the Alfa Compact Flame ovens are beautiful to see and easy to use thanks to their design and the great flame that make them especially spectacular for open kitchens.

Alfa Forni offers a wide array of professional ovens for cooking with wood, gas or grill. All lines of Hybrid, Compact Flame or traditional ovens guarantee high performance coupled with unique design resulting from the application of continuous innovation processes with the purpose to provide the best solutions for professionals.

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