Special Pizzeria

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The best Italian refractory oven for restaurants. Tradition, quality and artisanry.

Internal diameter: from 110cm (43.3in) up to 160cm (63in)
Weight: from 370kg (815lbs) up to 780kg (1719lbs)
Pizza capacity: from 6 up to 12

Included: Thermometer and Hinged door.

Optional: Archs


The​ commercial​​ wood fired oven ​Special ​Pizzeria is synonymous of reliability. Entirely hand made​ in Italy close to Rome t​his ​ commercial pizza ​oven​ for pizzeria and restaurant​ has been able to best meet the needs of even the finest pizza ​maker. The mouth of the special pizzeria oven is made of a shaped and customized cast iron, which perfectly matches the refractory. The advantage of the shaped mouth is the easy viewing of the pizza while it is being cooked, without losing the warmth of the dome. The dome, much higher compared to traditional ovens, and perfectly spherical, allows a uniform heat distribution in the cooking chamber. It is also available in a gas-powered version with a 34 kW/strong> double flame burner and electronic control unit.

It is possible to decorate/accessorize your oven with the archs: Bocca Forno Special, Arco Avanforno Special.

Bocca Forno Special

Flue exit: Ø30cm (Ø11.8in)
Weight: 135kg (297.6lbs)

Arco Avanforno Special

Flue exit: 40x25cm (15.7×9.8in)
Weight: 160kg (352,7lbs)
Vent junction (INCLUDED): Ø30cm (Ø11.8in)


Watch how to build a modular oven

 User manual

Data sheet – Ø120Ø135Ø145Ø155Ø165
Data sheet – gas version – Ø120Ø135Ø145Ø155Ø165