Forninox Technology

ForninoxTM patented technology combines the excellent physical properties of the steel fashioned wood cooking on the brick. The casing of the steel structure is specially designed to ensure the appropriate resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses due to the high temperatures reached.

From design to the manufacturing every detail is done with care and dedication of craftmanship. The Alfa Pro oven is a “piece of art” designed for those of the oven who make it the center of his passion and profession. We give space to new ideas, not putting limits to the imagination, to make the refractory oven accessible and immediate.
Our ovens are born from the knowledge that with passion that motivates us even tradition has a smell of newness.

Innovative technologies that offer advantages and benefits to the catering excellent

A refractory heart

the refractory floor for cooking excellence

Muscles of steel

the steel frame is durable, light and strong

Our features

The ovens Alfa Pro reach the optimum working temperature in 15 minutes compared to traditional ovens that employ at least 1 hour and maybe more. Install a wood stove has never been easier or faster. The Alfa Pro ovens are ready to use in just a few simple steps, and do not require specialized personnel. Once installed you simply just turn it on and you’re done!

Thanks to the 4 wheels and the low weight of the materials used, move the oven from inside the local outside it is simple and fast. Place your oven where you want. Versatility characterizes our products TOP. To meet the demands of emerging markets we have decided to disconnect the oven from the base to ensure that it can be used in different solutions

Superior thermal performance oven

Superior thermal performance

• 450°C (850°F) in 30’ minutes
• 90” to bake pizzas

High heat retention oven

High heat retention

• multiple layers of mineral fiber
• more alumina content in the tiles
• perfect thermal insulation

High volume output oven

High volume output

• bake up to 8 pizzas per time
• 150 pizzas in a hour

Wheels with breaks oven

Wheels with breaks

• light and movable
• indoor or outdoor, weatherproof
• fast moving

Easy Installation oven

Easy Installation

• 3 steps: unpack, plug & cook
• fully pre-assembled
• free-standing and/or built-in

Clinox oven


• sterilized dome
• pyrolytic action
• no combustion residue

Smart top oven

Smart top

• all our models are available in table top version

Show cooking

Show cooking

• authentic Italian design
• eye candy and tasty meals
• piece of furniture

Memory cooking floor

Memory cooking floor

• thickness: 8 cm (3 in)
• higher wear resistance
• slow heat release

Stainless steel

Stainless steel

• AISI 304
• thickness: 2,5 mm (0,1 in)
• nickel free
• double powder painted

Tenacious commitment and a great experience to create well made products